Make It Monday–Enjoying the Lighter Side of Life.

Things have been a little heavy around here lately.  So, it seemed like a good time to lighten it up.  What better way than with a fake mustache?

Mustaches have become super trendy, and consequently very popular with our tween crowd.  So, when I heard that Bubbly’s KG class was also WAY into them, it seemed so appropriate to do something mustache-y.  Then I heard that today was National Fake Mustache Day.  
It snowballed from there.  I made these tees, and each kid went to school in one today…

Tee hee.

who can’t resist a good mustache.  

2 thoughts on “Make It Monday–Enjoying the Lighter Side of Life.

  1. Oh, I only WISH I had thought of it first. They sell them on Amazon already. All my best ideas were usually someone else’s best ideas first. I may be able to reproduce, but the creativity is not my strong suit.

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