Make It Monday: For All the Sci-Fi Junkies

Middle-Middle attended the birthday party for the boy of a very sweet family that is into all things Star Trek, Sci-Fi and other things I don’t really understand but happily Googled.  As an aside, I don’t understand 9/10ths of the things my boys are into (the latest obsession = Redakai.  What the heck is a Redakai?).

So, we got this lovely almost tween boy an Amazon gift card, but just that seemed a little boring.  So, I decided to personalize a tumbler for him too.  I’ve heard mention of epic battles with orks before, and I remembered that being a Lord of the Rings thing, so I went to my bff the internet, and this is what I came up with.

I knew the wizard was Gandalf, but finding his silhouette proved to be a little challenging since I kept spelling his name wrong.  I got it though, and combined his image with a free font called “Ringbearer”.  My proportions were a little off, but Middle-Middle reports that his friend really liked it.

who needs to get out a little more.  

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