It Gets Better, then Worse, then Better.

We have our ups and downs.  Today was up, then down.  Bubbly did great at school, did wonderfully at our pediatrician’s office (even when they gave her a shot), then came home and got angry when I reminded her that while she had gotten some special time with mama, and a Happy Meal afterwards, it was time for me to talk to the rest of the kids about their day.  This apparently made her angry because she ripped the Diva’s school project in half and then told me she hadn’t done it.

Yeah, there are six witnesses that saw you do it.  

**Seven if you count Dolly, who was apparently there, but her inability to speak renders her a slightly unreliable witness.**  

These ridiculous lies are what tell me I have a problem.  These are a sign of attachment issues.  When Bubbly couldn’t have the benefit of my undivided attention for the good she was doing, she decided to be naughty.  Because negative attention is better than no attention.

Oy ve.

We shall discuss it in therapy next Wednesday, and probably for many Wednesdays to come, because even though I don’t like her right now, like I said before, I do love her.  Lots.  So, we’re going to figure this out, come heck or high water.

I don’t plan to give up.

We have some good people fighting in our corner too.  I got this audio file today, texted to my cell phone by Bubbly’s wonderful KG teacher, to let me know that even though Bubbly’s social skills are lacking, her academic ones aren’t.  She read a level 8 book today.  She’s one smarty pants.  I reminded her over and over how very proud of her I am, even when she does lie to me about really foolish things.

who is taking it one step at a time.  

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