Broken heart, Tess

6 months and 1 week.

6 months and 1 week ago today I wrote a letter to my then seven children about how hard it might be to add a little sister to our family that might be terminally ill.

I told my kids, who were then all age ten and younger that this was the time to be brave, to trust, to step out.  I told them…

Your sister is worth it.

I firmly believe that there are moments in life that will shape who you will become.  

This is one of them.      

It has shaped us, in so many ways that never even occurred to me when I wrote that letter.  So very many ways.

Today, we finally celebrated Dolly’s 2nd birthday, her first outside of an institution, and the one no one was quite sure she would make it to.  Because she was in the hospital for Chinese New Year, we themed her party with Chinese New Year in mind.

There were lanterns…

There was lucky money…

One amazing dragon cake courtesy of Icing Smiles

Four very cute girls in Chinese dresses…

And one mama who realized something as she held her baby and watched nearly 40 people sing to her…

When I wrote that letter six months and one week ago, I forgot to tell my seven that by adding this sister, by taking this chance, we just might get to witness what this world is capable of.  We might get to see everyone we love, and some people we don’t even know personally, come together to pray for a little girl who at this time last year had no one who cared about her.  We might get to see our baby not only make it to us, but to a medical community that will fight for her in ways we never thought possible.

We might suddenly find ourselves witnessing what can only be described as a miracle.

I forgot to tell my kids that by doing all this, we might gain more than we ever thought possible.  Tonight, as I held my Dolly, watching her fall asleep in the crook of my arm the way she always does, I not only thought about all the things we went through to get to this point, I thought of all the things going through it taught us.

I thought about the people we have all become by living through this, both for her, and with her.  I made a promise that I won’t ever forget to tell my kids again that while some things might seem hard, God always makes sure they have a purpose.

who has learned her lesson.

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