I Stand By What I Said.

I got a ton of comments, most of wish I chose not to publish, from people who were VERY concerned about why I would come out saying that I don’t like my own daughter.  I guess I didn’t know this would become such an ordeal.  Thank you for your concern for Bubbly.  We love her lots.

At the time, I just didn’t like her a whole lot.

I’m sorry for those that are offended.  There are times for every one of my kids that I love them, but I don’t really like them.  This probably happens more frequently with Bubbly.  When you have a child with significant emotional special needs, it is impossible to like them all the time.  Dang people, it’s impossible to like ANY child all the time.  If you say you do, well, as my Ghanaians friends would say…

You are a liar.

Since I published that post, the one that elicited so many emotions from so many, we have taken Bubbly back to therapy twice.  We have talked to her teacher endlessly.  We’ve put new coping mechanisms in place for her.  We’re all a little happier again, albeit a little more tired.  But, it’s what we do.  Because even when we don’t like her, we love her lots.  And when you love someone, you exhaust yourself to find ways to fix it for them when they’re struggling.

who wishes the world would just calm down a bit.

2 thoughts on “I Stand By What I Said.

  1. Well said. I have a few anonymous’s who like to point out my faults anonymously. I knew exactly what you meant and I am sure you ministered to many who have felt the same way but are hesitant to put it into words. How many parents stand over their tantrumming two year old and think/say how much they love that behavior and how it endears them to their child? I agree, let’s take it in stride people. And if you haven’t been there, don’t judge. Right? A lesson I learned a while back…

  2. I said it last time and I’ll say it again now. Bravo, my friend, bravo. There are PLENTY of times that I don’t like one or another of my kids very much – one in particular. It’s truth. I’m quite positive that there were times my parents didn’t like me. Not liking your child (or your parent) has NOTHING to do with your love for them. But of course I don’t have to tell YOU that.

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