When my Story was SO Scary.

Someone who is beyond kind sent me a a link to  a story today that she said reminded her of me.

You can read it here.

There have been so many times when my story has scared me.

How about here…

When I thought, what the he*l have I gotten myself into?

That moment yielded this…

She lights up the whole world around her.  And she started so much more.  
Then there was this time…

They were so brave, but so scared.  How could I possibly help them adjust after ripping them away from everything they knew?  
They became this…
And they’re becoming SO much more every single day.  
Then there was this moment…
Which led to this…
Which may have been the scariest moment of my life.  
But, it brought us to this…
Where there’s really NO way I could be any happier.  
There were so many times I went into this truly believing there was no way it could turn out okay, thinking with all my heart that I stood no chance of healing this child, that we were doing all this just to lose them to either their physical or emotional disabilities.  
We still might.  
It’s a chance I’m willing to take.  Over and over.  
Sometimes, the scariest moments in life are the ones that make you.
who would do it all over again for them. 

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