Spring Break 2013

It’s not exactly MTV-style up in here.  We’re hanging at home this year.  In the frozen, white, north…with 8 kids.  It’s more Survivor up in here.

We usually pack up the large, government surplus van, and head to the beach.  This year though, we made no plans because we didn’t know where we would be with Dolly.  Turns out, she’s beach ready! So, while we’re all very grateful (well, I am), I have seven other very unhappy, non-beach going, children.  “She COULD go to the beach!  Did you know that mom!  She’s good enough to GO!!!  Why aren’t we at the beach?”

Uh oh.

I think it’s about to get Lord of the Flies up in here, y’all.

So, we’re doing one small fun thing every day during Spring Break.  Today we’ll drive to the next big city over and hit the Discovery Museum.  This will placate the masses for today.  Tomorrow, who knows?  We might do something REALLY special…

like eat at a buffet.

who knows it’s the little things in life that make my kids REALLY happy.  

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