We Forgot our Frocks.

This post has nothing to do with nudity.  Sorry to disappoint.  Although, if you keep reading, there might be some point in the future where I do forget to get dressed before leaving the house.  After all, I did run myself over with my own mini-van once.  Story for another time though.

The FullPlateFamily did something slightly different for Easter this year.  It has always been a huge FullPlate Tradition to go to church on Easter in matching ensembles that celebrate spring.  This year, a friend posted about a not-for-profit that was “forgetting the frock” to raise money to feed orphans around the world.  That sounded like such a great idea to me, especially as I looked at my bank account and saw the $120 I had budgeted for new Easter frippery for the FullPlateKids.

They each have closets that are full to bursting.  We have very generous friends who are always willing to share their hand-me-downs (which we are never too proud to accept) and I extreme coupon clothes the way FPD does for food.  Do their clothes really need to match for this one day?  Probably not.  So, Giggles and I chose from what we already owned and we are throwing our $120 into the FullPlateFamily FIG Fund to help a waiting child join their family.  That fund now sits at $467.00.  The kids have a goal of raising $2000.00 which will then be donated to a waiting child via Project Hopeful’s Family in the Gap Program.

My kids want to know they’ve paid it forward for the miracle we were all given when Dolly joined our family so quickly.  Had funds been an issue, she would have died alone in China.  Every child deserves a family.  Everyone deserves a second chance.  That is the true meaning of Easter, isn’t it?  Redemption and second chances.

This is what her second chance looked like on Easter morning.

If you would like to support the FullPlateKids in their endeavor to raise $2000 to support a waiting child, you can come shop with us at Fine Nine Designs.  With the kids’ help, I hand make everything in the shop in my “spare time”.  100% of the proceeds go to the FullPlateFamily FIG Fund.

Fine Nine Designs

who likes a forgotten frock every now and again.  

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