Saw you in St. Louis.

FPD ran the St. Louis Marathon this weekend in a time of 3:01.24.  Pretty proud of him!!!  This marathon is especially hilly, especially at a spot called Holy Hill.  He went for it and earned the kids some fab chocolate!

We played the role of support crew, coming along for the ride.  Let me say, I LOVED ST. LOUIS!!!

I once had a very misinformed, and somewhat snobby, Spanish professor who said that while every European city was vastly different, which is probably true, every American city looked the same to him.  I remember that comment to this day, because I found it so profoundly untrue.  St. Louis, you surprised me.

All the FullPlateKids by the Gateway Arch.  

I’ve been here before and remember the city being pretty bleak and unfriendly.  Not so.  I’ve rarely found a city more welcoming.

This fountain was dyed red for the Cardinals home opener. 
Or with more hometown pride.  Well, aside from my own town.  We love our sports teams too.  
Your free zoo was awesome.  
There’s a baby elephant in there!!!
You have some of the more amazing monuments to the history of the Civil Rights movement.  We sat in the very courthouse where the Dred Scott Case was tried.  
Giganto was rendering some kind of guilty verdict, I think.  Who knows, that boy is odd.
Most of all, we had an amazing time as a family.  As an aside, I have to add, I’ve never seen a community work so hard, or so openly, for their homeless population.  We visited the St. Louis Bread Co. where food is often just given away to people who don’t have the ability to pay.  I’ve never seen more church vans on the roads on Sunday either, working to pick up people downtown and make sure they got a meal.  I’m sure other communities do it, this one just does it especially well.  
who will say, just this once, GO CARDS!

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