What I Wore Wednesday: Giggles Edition 2

This is the day where Giggles takes over my blog and writes about what she loves most…fashion.  Giggles is now in fifth grade and writes at grade level, but her spelling is still coming along, so bear with us.  This is excellent practice for her.  

Hi everybody!
I am back again!  For all you fashion lovers!

What I wear (past tense is still hard for Giggles occasionally) today was…

Denim Jacket (she asked me how to spell denim)–My mom buyed this at a Half Pint Resale.  I wear it a lot.  

My Minne Mouse shirt– I got this for Christmas so I took it to Disney World with us.

Cost…$0 (I paid $2.99 for it on clearance at Target.  All the girls got a matching one).
A skirt with black polk dots (sometimes Giggles misses hearing sounds at the end of words since English isn’t her first language).
Cost… $8 (Bought at Boston Store on Yellow Dot Sale).
Black leggings.  If my skirt is short I wear these.  
Cost…$4.79 (Bought at Old Navy during Cardholder Stuff and Save Sale for 40% off).
Black Tennas Shoes.  I picked the tennas shoes because they were my shoes when I did a jazz dance concert.  After the show, my mom blinged them and turned them into every day shoes.
            Cost…$19.99 (Bought at Target as part of dance recital costume)
I epoxyed rhinestones onto the toes and replaced the laces with some funky polka dot ribbons.  Giggles loves these shoes and wears them quite a bit.  I thought it was a good use of something that otherwise might have been used once.  


who would LOVE to see your comments for Giggles.  And, FYI, she was appalled that her outfit added up to $46.  I reminded her that some people spend that on a belt.  

6 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday: Giggles Edition 2

  1. Hi! My name is Laurel, and I am related to Kara Busath (as a way of introduction, ha), I live in California and I enjoy reading your blog. I especially like these fashion posts from Giggles! Keep them coming, you ROCK! 🙂

  2. Giggles,I love your outfit. I wish I could find a cute skirt like that for $8. I have those same shoes, but mine don’t have the bling. I’ll have to think about spicing them up a little!

  3. So cute Giggles! You do such a great job on these posts! My family is in Colorado and I read this blog because our family was brought together by adoption too! I just love to read about all of you cute kids!

  4. Love your post! As a mom, my favorite part was the leggings: “If my skirt is short I wear these.” I’m teaching my daughter (who’s 8) the same thing, and I sure wish the parents of the second graders I teach would do the same! You look great, and your writing is super — especially the details/elaboration you add to explain each item. Way to go! 🙂

  5. Giggles, Those shoes are awesome! I love how the laces coordinate with the color of Minnie’s accessories on your t-shirt AND with the polka dots on your skirt! Super well put together. 🙂

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