We Could Have Missed This.

To my sweet first daughter,

You are now my third daughter, even though you came first, and you seem okay with that.  You turn five today, and I can’t seem to believe it.  It feels like yesterday that I was boarding a plane all alone to fly across the country to get you.  You were tiny when they handed you to me, just five days old.  We spent a week alone together, just mother and daughter, enjoying getting to know each other.  Your grandma and grandpa came at the end of the trip to meet and enjoy you too.  It was one of those special times I’ll never forget. 

You were born the day after tax season during a time when your dad was still practicing public accounting.  We used to barely see him during that time of year, and when we had agreed to adopt again, he made me promise not to match with a birth mom who was due during tax season.  Since you were a planned c-section, the day AFTER tax season, I told him that HAD to be okay, right?  He rolled his eyes, like he always does at my hair-brained schemes and said he needed to think it over. 

There was no thinking for me, you were mine from the moment the very possibility of you came into our lives.  And, your dad knows why now.  Even though I came to get you, which I remind you often, you were a ‘daddy’s girl’ from the second you set your determined little eyes on him.  I stayed home with you, but you counted the seconds until he got there. 

We both talk about how smart and funny you are, how much like ResponsiBoy you are, even though you aren’t any kind of genetically related, and how sad we would have been had we not gotten the chance to call you ours. 

I’m thinking a lot about your birth mom today, and how much I want her to know that you are becoming everything in the world she hoped you would be.  She had the very best for you in mind when she made the choice she did.  While I grieve for her, I thank God everyday that I get to call you mine.  So, baby girl, who has grown so much…HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

You are my sunshine. 

who thinks everyone deserves a sassy tutu wearing 5-year-old in their life.

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