What I Wore Wednesday–Giggles Edition 3

This is Giggles’ ‘What I Wore Wednesday’ post from about two weeks ago.  She wrote it up so nicely, and then life took hold.  Orders for Fine 9 Designs have been pouring in, there are end of the school year field trips to attend, teachers to appreciate all next week and a tiny little Chinese girl needed her heart checked out (post about that will be coming tomorrow).  We also have some big new brewing up in here at FullPlate Manor.  I can’t wait to share it!  In the interim, here is Giggles’ post.  
Hey, Hey, Hey Everybody!  A note from FPM:  I told her to write a catchy opener and I laughed a little when that was what she wrote.  She apparently has a future opening as a mediocre comedian at happy hour somewhere.  I’m only kidding, she’s very cute!

What I wore today was:  a pink, black and white dress.  I like the ruffles on the bottom.  I think they are chic.  I got the dress at Goodwill with my mom.  
Cost to FPM: $5.00

Black legins (she means leggings, this was her only misspelling in this entire post, and she proofread it herself.  WOOHOO!!!).  My skirt is too short to wear no pants.  I would look silly.  And, ahem, a little immodest (says her very conservative dad).

Cost to FPM:  $7 from Old Navy with a 40% off coupon.  $4.20

Flower earrings with pink flowers.  These were a birthday present from my mom.  They came with many other earrings.  I like them with my outfit.  I can wear them with many things.  They are versatile.  We added that word together.  

Cost to FPM:  Yes, they were a birthday present, but I used a Claire’s Gift Card that I got as a present for Bubbly.  Bubbly’s sensory issues prevent her from wearing earrings, so the card was re-gifted to Giggles.  $0.00

Black ankle booties:  These have high heels!  I felt very grown up.  I had to learn to walk in them.  
Cost to FPM:  $10 from Forever 21.  

A denim jacket.  I wrote about this in my last post.  It is versatile too!  Apparently, that’s our word o’ the day.  

My ‘A’ necklace.  My mom bought this before I came home.  It was my gift when I change my name.  
Very true.  When she had for sure decided to change her name, we gave her the necklace to make sure she knew I wasn’t disappointed in her (although I loved her given name too).  This sealed the deal.  

Cost to FPM:  $25.  It was a gift and it’s sterling silver.  

I asked Giggles to write a little about what the occasion was that caused her to wear such a fancy outfit.  Here’s her answer.  

Why did I chose this outfit?  
I chose this outfit because at my school we had a spring concert.  In the spring concert, I played the violin with the 5th graders only.  Next, we sing songs and then the 5th and 4th graders concert is over.  Then the 3rd graders concert starts. 

See you next time!


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  1. Check out those boots! I love them! You’re right, Giggles, that jean jacket is very versatile and looks great with all of your outfits. Thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

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