Six Months.

Dolly has been in my arms for a little over six months.  Can I just point out the change?  
This was in China, when she could barely hold her head up and her tiny little legs just dangled.  She weighed barely 15 lbs at almost 2 years old and wore a size 6-9 months.  

Now I can barely get a pic of her that doesn’t blur from the constant motion that is our girl.  She is everywhere.  She has almost 20 words/signs in her vocab.  She kisses us, squeals with delight when the kids come home from school and chases the dog with reckless abandon.  She weighs almost 20 lbs, has grown three inches in height and wears a size 12-18 months.  And, she has cheeks!  Oh, the cheeks!  Last night, as she lay in bed with me, she pulled up her pajama shirt, slapped her stomach and shouted “Belly!”  Yeah, she’s got one of those too, the kind every toddler should have!  
And, just to help us celebrate, all the sudden, just this week, she did this…
Peeps, this is what a family does for a child.  
who wants us to get on finding this kind of joy for every family.  

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