It’s Not Always All About Discipline.

As I read back through my last few posts, I realized I write a lot about sadness, trauma and discipline.  People tend to want to know about the hard parts, and those tend to be what stick in my head, because they’re the parts of parenting where I have to take a long hard look at whether or not I’m doing it right.  The happy, fun moments out number the hard moments 10 to 1.  Today, we’re back to a place of stability.  Children have learned their lessons (well, I think so) and the squabbling is at a level that it would be in any other house with eight children.  

This weekend has been filled with happy moments.  We watched the three eldest boys play the local fair with the Boys & Girls Club Drum Line.  Dolly happily played along from a table in the back.

We rode those way over-priced carnival rides.  Well, most of us.  Grounded is grounded, but the offending child accepted it without any waterworks.  I’m very proud of him for accepting the consequence and moving forward.

The happy part was seeing Bubbly get to ride.  With all her impulsivity and general anger, she usually lashes out in a way that gets her excluded from this kind of stuff.  She earned it this time, and when she got on that ride, the cheers went up from the other children who are always SO happy to celebrate her victories.

The Diva isn’t a thrill ride kind of gal, and she was the only one not tall enough to ride the big swings.  Then she wasn’t tall enough to ride the dragon rollercoaster without an adult.  I wasn’t about to pay for ANOTHER three tickets to ride that thing, so she took the disappointment like a champ and was happy to ride the pinkest airplane she could find.  I do love that about my kids.  They take disappointment really well and move onto the next thing without much issue.  You get what you get, and you don’t have a fit.

Yes, a lot of my life is spent making rules and enforcing them, but so much of it is about celebrating these kind of moments.  The latter makes the former SO worth it.  
who hears crying in the playroom, here we go again…

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  1. Hey, girlie – speaking of thrill rides, I have a couple of times (weekdays) during the summer where I’d have enough tickets for 6 Flags to get your whole crew in for free (and if you popped one of my kids in your car before you got to the gate, you’d get the parking free too). LMK if you want to take me up on it! 🙂

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