Off You Go.

Hi Mighty,
After the news that we needed a whole new stack of paperwork to adopt you (that we couldn’t reuse the paperwork we had used for Dolly just one short year ago), we scrambled to get it done.  I worked so hard to get letters notarized and sealed.  I got the news yesterday that they were DONE.

I went to the Secretary of State’s Office, so excited to pick up my shiny, gold-sealed documents, only to find out that the notary who signed my employment verification wasn’t a notary anymore at all.  She had let her commission expire, probably accidentally, but still, no go on shipping our paperwork to the Chinese Consulate.  Your adoption has hit one paperwork snag after another, after another, which just reinforces my stance on not telling anyone about it until we’re a go from China.

I RAN back to work and found someone to re-do the paper.  I took it back to the Secretary of State’s Office and the kind lady at the desk re-did it for me for no extra cost.  Oh my gosh!  What a roller coaster of a day, up (we’re going to be done!), down (one stupid paper is ALL kinds of wrong) and back up (they fixed it!!!).  Oh my gosh!!!

So, I emailed the courier and yesterday morning your dad overnighted a stack of paperwork that never ceases to surprise me.  We’ve done this 8 times and it still amazes me.  But, this is officially the last time we’ll do this, so I’m okay with it.

On Tuesday your paperwork will hit the consulate.  It will be picked up the following Monday and then OFF IT GOES to China.  WOOT!  WOOT!!!

who is ridiculously excited to be able to say to FPD, “Off YOU go!!!”  

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