Raising a Girl in a World Gone Mad.

Giggles will be graduating from 5th grade in just a little over a week.  5th grade.  We’ve officially entered the world of the pre-teen girl.  I’m proud to say that compared to many of her friends and classmates, Giggles is relatively drama free.  Yeah, we have a lot of crying about silly things, but she’s not into telling me she hates me, and thus far, her eyes haven’t rolled back into her head in exasperation that I’ve noticed as of yet.  In fact, I’m pretty sure FPD rolls his eyes far more than Giggle does.


Yesterday, Giggles, M-M and I went shopping for graduation dresses.  98% of Giggles’ wardrobe comes from generous friends and neighbors who gift us their gently used items.  This is so nice, especially since nearly all our clothing budget is eaten up by the boys’ incessant need for pants without holes in the knees.  It seemed appropriate that Giggles should have something new for such a momentous occasion.

I guess I’m out of touch with what is for sale in the pre-teen world of dresses.  I don’t consider myself a prude, nor do I model modesty the way I should though.  I wear a bikini in the summer time (I think I’m border line too old though), but I usually wear a cover up.  I enjoy my high heels (sometimes a little TOO much).  But, I haven’t ever worn a sack dress either.  I think I strike a balance.  I do believe in keeping myself covered, and Giggles and I have had talk after talk about boys and why I married the only one I ever seriously dated.  I read the articles about modesty for pre-teen and teen girls and choose what I think is appropriate for my daughter and talk to her about it.

I am probably not as good as hammering the point home as I should be.  Yesterday’s shopping venture taught me that.  Good lord.  I’m a little scandalized.  It was SO hard to find a dress for Giggles that I found even remotely appropriate.  Strapless?  NO WAY.  Cut so short that if she bends you’ll see her butt cheeks?  NOT HAPPENING.  Animal prints?  Love them on my accessories, but HATE them on my eleven-year-old daughter.

Here’s what we said no to…

There are so many things wrong with this dress for a 5th grader.  Yet that is who it’s being marketed to.
I won’t buy from Abercrombie, but we passed it in a window.  Giggles looked, smiled politely and shook her head.  I reaffirmed that was the right choice, because I wouldn’t have allowed her to even try it on.

This one is from Limited Too.  Again, I’m shocked at it’s length, but the print is also very mature for a 5th grader.  Animal print?  Again, that’s for accessories, not for your 5th grader’s graduation dress.  
After two hours of shopping, we were coming up totally empty.  Giggles wanted something “fancy”, and I don’t blame her.  She’s a girly girl, and like I said, she never has anything that’s not a hand-me-down or purchased at a thrift store.  Eventually, I thought about just ordering online and taking our chances.  A quick search from the food court of the mall yielded me this…
Sweet moses.  I wasn’t looking for something quite that fancy.  
We finally found three options by shopping very carefully.  I asked Giggles to write about why we chose those three options, and as part of our ‘What I Wore Wednesday’ series, she’s going to write about what dresses she chose to try on and what appealed to her about them.  
Then, she’s going to let you guess what she chose.    
We’re working on fashioning some really cute accessories now.  Rest assured, thong underwear *shudder* will not be involved.  Because, yes, we have seen that for her age group.  There are no words, people.  No words.  
So, look for Giggles’ post.  She is very excited.
who found a whole other reason to hate the mall.  

1 thought on “Raising a Girl in a World Gone Mad.”

  1. I can so relate to this. My daughter is only nine, but she is very tall for her age (5′ already) and wears a size 14. Therefore, I’m left to shop in the teen section of most stores. Oh my. She loves dresses, but the school has a no-strapless-or-spaghetti-strap policy and I have a very hard time find ANY dresses that she can wear to school. UGH… And I fear that it will only get worse.


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