Oh Mighty…

Hi Mighty,
Late last week we thought our dossier was on its way to the country you currently reside.  Sadly, we got the call that it couldn’t go because FPD’s and my blood tests had expired during this ridiculous waiting game we call the paperchase.

So, off to the lab we went.  My letter is done, but FPD’s doctor is a total doorknob and it takes him bare minimum of a week to notarize things.  Bleck.  So, at the end of this week, that paperwork will be shipped off, and God willing, the dossier will finally be on its way to you.

Timeline wise, we’re right where we were with your sister.  The dossier for her adoption was sent on 6/29.  Her dossier was logged in at the beginning of July.  We’ll see if that timeline holds for you.  Your home country has switched over to computerized processing of all adoptions, and the paperwork factory there has ground to a halt, yet apparently, the computers aren’t working.

Mighty, it’s like God is trying to teach me a lesson in patience because He knows I’ve set my heart on this being the VERY last time we do this.

Ah well, you’re so very worth it.


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