What I Wore Wednesday (on Saturday) — Graduation

What I wore for graduation was (insert FullPlateBoy drum roll)…

THE FLOWERED DRESS!!!!  FPM adds:  The majority guessed exactly correctly!!!

We bought the dress at Gap Kids.  These were the shoes they have to go with it.  They were very expensive, but my mom thinks she can make some just for me.

FPM adds:  Giggles also has BIG feet.  She now wears the same size I do (oy ve).  The shoes were just too small, and we were already paying full price for the dress (well, minus my Old Navy credit card rewards).  Since I never pay full price for anything, it was hard to splurge for shoes too.  

My mom made a red flower to go with it.  She wanted to save money, so she used a navy blue shoe and added a red flower to it.  
I had my hair up and used a braided synthetic (I explained to Giggles that this was a synonym, and fancier word, for fake) bun.  I wore a matching flower in my hair.  I chose star earrings.  
I asked Giggles to write about graduation itself, but she’s just too sad.  She spent a good part of the day crying.  Transitions are hard for Giggles.  I don’t think this is an adoption thing.  I think this is a Giggles thing.  So, she asked me to say she is sad to graduate, excited for new things, and more than a little nervous.  

who has a daughter just like her.  

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