The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of a Large Family (as Written by M-M).

This post was written by Middle-Middle (M-M).  M-M was the second kiddo to join our family.  M-M is a reluctant writer, a very good one, but a reluctant one.  He also has a killer sense of humor.  
Hi my name is **** (he leaked his real name, but on here, he’s Middle-Middle) and I’m going to talk about my brothers and sisters.  You may think it’s boring, but I have SEVEN brothers and sisters.  But, what I’m going to talk about them isn’t boring at all.  I’m gonna talk about how their (I’m leaving his mistakes in here) fun, and also how there not.  See…fun…not boring!!
This paragraph is about the fun part of having seven brothers and sisters.  I always have someone to play with.  See, if I’m ever board I will have someone to play with and if I stop playing with one of them there’s someone else to play with.  When we go someplace, it’s always better because there’s more of us.  Two heads are better than one, or should I say eight heads are better than one if you count me.  
This paragraph is about the bad things.  Boo hoo hoo (yes, he actually wrote that).  When I’m looking for someone to play with, sometimes no one is avaible (he means available).  For instince, there doing chores or no one wants to play with me or they don’t want to play what I want to play.  This is most often the problem.  And they can all be really, really, really annoying.  They sometimes say the same things over and over and over again to bother me.  Or they start to get physical with me.  But, actually I kind of like fighting (ha, ha).  
These are the things my brothers and sisters do to either bother me or to make my life better.  
I thought the “paragraph” about the bummer part of being in a big fam would look like a laundry list.  M-M is the most vocal about how annoying everyone can be.  He also likes to play, but only what he wants.  He’s like an only child who was dropped into a family of eight kids.  Instead, he seems to have a pretty balanced view of the good and the bad.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I asked him if he was bummed by all the THINGS he’s missing out on (ie a new DS, a ipod Touch, etc).  His words to me…”Mom, that’s a first world problem.”  Gotta love the perspective this life is giving to my kids.

who needs to remember that most of her problems are of the first world variety.  

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