Summer Swimming.

We’re pretty fierce with our kids about being physically active.  We’re also pretty fierce with them about taking whatever they choose to do and doing their very best at it.  I don’t mean that they have to be the best, lord knows I wasn’t, but they have to put out their best effort.  

In other words, no slacking.  

We’ve never had any trouble motivating Giggles.  She is a hard worker.  While sports come very naturally to ShyGuy, they don’t to Giggles.  She has to work, just like I did, for every single accolade.  I can tell she wants to quit sometimes.  While other kids were strapping on shin guards and water wings as toddlers, she was still living in sub-saharan Africa.  She had a lot of catch up to do.  

She only actually learned to swim two summers ago.  Prior to this, the girl had been taught to stay as far away from water as possible.  She lived in Ghana, which borders the ocean, where kids drown all the time.  Water was dangerous, so needless to say, she had some fears when it came to learning how to swim.  She overcame though.  And, she’s fighting so hard to be competitive.  To come from behind and catch up.  

Today, she won her first real ribbon in an individual event.  And, in an age group that is filled with 12 year olds when she’s only 11.  Giggles, I’m so proud of you.  

In fact, if you listen all the way until the end of the video, you can hear just how proud I am.

Yeah, I’m that mom.  

who says “WAY TO GO!!!” to her girl every chance she gets.  

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