Two Years in a Row.

Hi Mighty,
Our updated adoption paperwork arrived in China today, the exact same day it did last year, which happens to be your dad’s birthday.  He’s pretty sure there couldn’t be a better gift then having all of the paperwork behind us and getting ready to get you.  Especially since he’ll be the one traveling this time.

FPD turned 36 this year.  He went to play basketball with his buddies, some from as far back as high school.  Someone commented that this is the 18th year of them playing basketball together.  God Mighty, we’re old.  We’ve now been out of high school for as many years as we were old when we graduated.  Your dad and I have been together now more years than we were apart.

I guess that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your adoption my tiny but mighty little man, but it does have to do with the family you’re being adopted into.  We’re built on a pretty solid, long lasting foundation, Mighty.  After not having that for so many years, I think that’s something you’ll, eventually, come to appreciate.

who hopes someone is over in China right now logging in her paperwork.

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