Shy Guy–Now and Then.

Hi ShyGuy!
I’m writing this post directly to you because you turned 9 today.  Nine seems to be our magic number around here lately.  You told me today that you would LOVE it if on this day, when you’re turning 9, we could share that the number of children in our family will soon hit that same magical number.  So, I announced to the world (via Facebook) that you’re soon going to be adding a little brother to our mix.  There will soon be 9 amazing kids in the FullPlateFamily.  

You have a pretty big heart, ShyGuy.  When the Family Tribunal discussed your soon-to-be little brother you were the first to shoot out of your chair, raise your hand and shout “OHHHHH!!! YEEESSSSSS!!!!”  You never say ‘no’ to adding anyone to our family because you know what it means to need a family.  You have one in Ghana, then all the sudden your world shifted and that family came apart.  You get nervous that could happen here, but every single day I see you trust a little more.  You ask questions when you’re scared or don’t understand.  You try your best at everything you do and you are always up for new adventures.  

When I grow up, I hope to be just like you.  

I want to live with this almighty happiness.  I want to love fearlessly.  And, I want to smile all the time. 

On the right hand side of these photos is what you look liked when we came to Ghana to bring you home.  On the left hand side is you opening your gifts.  Same gap toothed grin.  I love that!!!

We saw the Orthodontist yesterday who told us that it would indeed take a shiny set of braces to close that gap.  I looked at you and you smiled bravely.  You didn’t understand and thought he meant he was going to put braces on your teeth right then.  I reassured you that it wouldn’t happen until you lost all your baby teeth and you still have 6 to go.  I asked you if you wanted your teeth to be different.  You nodded yes and said you wanted the “spaces closed.”  I looked at the Orthodontist, paused for a moment and nearly shouted “NEVER MIND!!!”  That grin, just the way it is, is so uniquely you, that I hate to change it.  But, I guess that’s all part of you growing up.

who is okay with growing up, but wishes it would happen a little more slowly.  

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