An Introduction with an Explanation.

Hi all!
We just returned from our annual trip to a state directly to our south.  We do this every year to reunite the kids from Ghana with other children from their homeland.  I will post pics of this soon and let you know just how Bubbly did (umm…GREAT).  I have seen more healing than I could hope from our Ghanaian three than I ever thought possible.  Seriously, it’s SO exciting to come into their own, for them to be who they always had the potential to be, but were just too scared, too broken and too traumatized.  Amazing.

As we drove along the small, rural highways that led us to ‘Little Ghana’, I thought a lot about an announcement we made last week and how to explain how the whole situation came about.  You see, as a family, we’ve decided to bring home another child.  Never, in a million years, did I think we would be doing this.  First of all, financially affording the process of adopting again is a stretch.  We spend approximately $20-$25K in legal fees and travel every time we do this.  It’s like spending for college (well, part of in state tuition anyway) to even get our kids here.  Second, we will have nine children.  Yes, I said nine.  I’m a little overwhelmed at the number.  It will undoubtedly be insane.  But…

It’s so totally worth it.

I would like to introduce you to our new little guy.

These pictures are in order of what we think are oldest to most recent.  Did you catch how I said our new little guy?  He is in fact, little.  Our new son has a form of Dwarfism.  There are many, many different kinds, so we’ll have to wait until he’s home to try to determine just which type he is affected by. We think he is 3-4 years old, but since he was relinquished older than most kiddos, and then spent some time out of the orphanage, we’re not sure exactly how old he is.  We’ll try to determine this when he arrives home as well.  For now, we’ve declared him 3 years old.  He is probably older.  

His story is a pretty amazing one.  It’s also, like our other kids’ stories, something this is his to share someday when he feels ready.  All I can say is, God had a pretty MIGHTY plan for our tiny boy.  

So, it seems fitting that we introduce him as Mighty.  Tiny, but so Mighty. 

World, this is Mighty.  I can’t wait for Mighty to meet the world!  

who feels a little Mighty herself for being mom of NINE.  

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