Amaze Us

Our Dolly never ceases to amaze, but we’ve reached a true milestone this week, one that we didn’t think we would get to quite this fast.  

As a frame of reference, this is Dolly just a couple of weeks after she came home.  We were so excited that she could scoot herself toward her toys a couple of inches.  She was so weak, her little legs scissored behind her, sort of useless, from having just laid on her back for so long with no chance to roam or explore.  

When she first did this, I was out Christmas shopping.  It was Black Friday and Giggles and I were standing in line at Boston Store snatching up the deals.  FPD texted me and, right there, we both jumped with joy, and then cried.  Even Giggles, at the tender age of 10, knew what a miracle this was.  Our baby, the one the doctor had just told us maybe wouldn’t be able to have heart surgery at ALL, had just become mobile.  

Giggles said to me “Uh oh, mom.  This is just the beginning.”  Wise words, Giggles, on so many levels.

This is that baby now.  

This is what eight months of non-stop love, encouragement and prayer from seven amazing siblings will get you.  Well, and some really great Physical Therapy from our local Birth to Three team.  I love our weekly workout, even when Dolly sometimes didn’t.  

This is what family does for a child.  

So, I will put a plug in, as I always do, for the children who still wait for this chance.  Because, every time we hit a milestone and rejoice, I can’t help but think of the amazing kids that are out there, just waiting for their family to come and cheer them on.  

Are you interested in adopting?  PLEASE email me.  

who knows that the second video contains her daughter’s name, we’ll let that one slide due to pure excitement of the moment.  

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