THIS Isn’t What Matters.

All photos on this blog are courtesy of a Nikon D3100 camera that has been gifted to the FullPlateFamily.  I have always used a Nikon camera, but never properly.  Thanks to some really great upgrades and some proper instruction, my pictures are so much more crisp and I can capture my baby’s faces so much better, before they are no longer babies.  

In my not so finer moments, when I lose my stuff with my kids over some act of unkindness they’ve inflicted upon someone else (usually their sibling), I ask them “what is the ONE thing I want you to be when you leave this house?!?”  

Their answer…”a kind person.”  

ShyGuy is my wild card.  While Bubbly can be volatile and completely emotionally unpredictable, ShyGuy worries me in a whole host of different ways.  Bubbly wears her naughtiness on her sleeve.  If she’s going to say something mean, she’s going to SHOUT it for all the world to hear.  

Not ShyGuy.  He waits until everyone of authority isn’t looking and THEN says it.  He learned that in Ghana.  Children in orphanages are bullies.  It was like Lord of the Flies or Survivor there.  You were taught to be mean.  He learned well.  

We’ve spent the last three years deprogramming him, trying to teach him that his self-worth should be based on how he feels about himself as a person.  Is he good?  Is he kind?  What did he do to build someone else UP today instead of tearing them DOWN?  

He’s learning.  

He is definitely a natural athlete.  We’ve asked his coaches NOT to tell him just how much of a natural athlete he is.  Yes, it is WONDERFUL for him to be part of a team.  He is learning so much about others. But, a balance needs to be struck.

We see the potential in him to become a giant jerk about just how good of an athlete he is and to begin to derive his self-worth from what he does in the pool or on the field.  

That’s not where it counts.  

This is where it counts.  In these moments…

Because I know what’s in your heart.  Yes, there’s hurt.  But, there’s also so much love, and so much potential.  You can be SO much more than just a good soccer player or a good swimmer…

whose son will be attending the All City swimming competition WITHOUT the knowledge that he has a chance to win anything. He’s already won in so many ways.  

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