Just A Girl.

This is Giggles in March when she turned 11 years old.  She is an all-American girl now, or so she would love for everyone to think.

Giggles was born in Ghana though.

She is still a proud Ghanaian girl, even if she doesn’t know it.

If you watch this video you’ll see what the statistics show Giggles’ life might have been like.  

Giggles vividly remembers her friend who was abused at an age that she isn’t far from now.  She has an understanding of things that I wish she didn’t, and yet, I’m thankful for all at once.  Giggles is wise beyond her years.  Yet she lost so many years to things she shouldn’t have.

Giggles understands exactly what getting an education means for a girl like her.  She understands what effect her chance will have on the world around her.  While still in Ghana, she very proudly told me that she would “go to university.”  The girl has always known what she wanted and she’s determined to get there.  

It hasn’t been easy trying to make this happen for her.  Giggles joined school here in the U.S. at the end of 2nd grade.  She could barely read.  She worked so hard until she could read at grade level by the end of the following year, but her comprehension is another story completely.  Asking her to write creatively is like asking for a miracle.  “What should I write?” She asks me.  Then, when I tell her to think of it herself, she sits for awhile, becomes frustrated and cries.

This summer we decided to not send her to public summer school, which is really just crowd control, and hire her a tutor.  Yesterday, she thanked me for it.  “Thank you mom, for helping me to learn.”  Then, I cried.  I do that a lot when the children thank me for things that every child should have.  A mom who loves them, who wants them to live up to their potential.

She’s just a girl.

But, what a girl she is.

who wants you to think about the Girl Effect.  Do it in honor of Giggles.  Is there a girl out there that you could “help to learn?”  http://www.girleffect.org

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