Savoring the Summer.

All photos on this blog are courtesy of a Nikon D3100 camera that has been gifted to the FullPlateFamil in exchange for photo credits and user reviews of accessories.  I have always used a Nikon camera, but never properly.  Thanks to some really great upgrades and proper instruction, my pictures are so much more crisp and I can capture my baby’s faces so much better, before they are no longer babies.  

A really supportive friend sends me articles every now and again that remind her of me.  I love this.  It gives me an insight into what people think my life must be like.  It’s nice to see myself through someone else’s eyes.  This time though, she sent out an article to all of us who are getting ready to let go of our babies.  

My baby, who I didn’t actually get to call mine until she was 8 years old, is headed off to middle school.  We’re entering this weird phase of in betweeness.  This article does a wonderful job of describing this bittersweet phase.  I’m watching Giggles change from little girl to woman.  I’m realizing that slowly, so slowly, I’m going to have to learn to let go.  

My response to this has been to hold on a little tighter to the moments that we have left.  We’re savoring the summer before the routine outside our home starts again.  We’ve been trying to do at least one fun family thing every single day in August.  We’re moving slowly, going to bed late, sleeping in, watching TV together, building fires in the fire ring on the patio, reading out loud to each other more, doing more puzzles, playing more board games.  We’re making more memories.  

Today we went to one of the more rural towns that surrounds our urban city and attended their sweet corn fest.  We didn’t love the town itself, we all agreed it wasn’t the good kind of redneck, but bordered a little more on ghetto.  We had fun being together though, enjoying time together, watching some of us enjoy our first ear of real sweet corn, and savoring what time we have left together.  

I packed corn trays and “pokers” just for the Diva.  She hates being “buttery.”

M-M hates having his picture taken.  GOTCHA.  

Giganto loves to dress like his dad.  As silly as it looks, FPD told me he was going to do it for as long as Giganto would allow.  Pretty soon, he won’t want to anymore.  

This used to really scare ShyGuy.  Now, he knows there’s more, and that FPD is just kidding.

Dolly doesn’t give a fig about being messy.  

She was NOT about to let that corn go.  

This is what the FullPlate Family consumed at Corn Fest 2013.  

who is holding onto to every single second.  

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