Savored It Right Up to the First Bell.

All photos on this blog are courtesy of a Nikon D3100 camera that has been gifted to the FullPlateFamily in exchange for photo credits and user reviews of accessories.  I have always used a Nikon camera, but never properly.  Thanks to some really great upgrades and proper instruction, my pictures are so much more crisp and I can capture my baby’s faces so much better, before they are no longer babies.  

We grabbed hold of the last bit of summer with everything we had.  We even had a barbecue that we are now affectionately calling our annual ‘Savor the Summer’ Cook Out.

Then, before we knew it, the first bell of the new school year was ringing.

And one very nervous little girl, with her tiny Chinese sister beside her (who wore a backpack and tried to bust her way into school with the line of children entering), got in line and walked on to become another year older.

Time never seems to march faster than it does when I watch them change grades.  M-M asked me why I always seem punky at this time of year.  I reminded him that it’s because all my babies are one year older, and one year closer to not needing me at all anymore.  His reply, “yep, and you’re one year closer to death.”

He sure does know how to make a girl feel better.  Start lining up now ladies, he’ll be on the market real soon.

who is rolling her eyes as she types.

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