How Do We Do It? A New Series. And, a Couple of Housekeeping Notes.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be starting a series on how FPD and I do certain everyday things with a large family.  People always seem totally astounded by how we live our daily lives.  I’m not insulted by this, but it will be fun to show you all.  We explained how we ‘do’ Disney World every year HERE. We plan to do it again in January.  My parents are coming along again, but not my brother or sister this year.  Bummer.  We are all hands on deck when we hit the road.  I have to say, when it comes to vacations, it helps to have the extra hands.  When it comes to the day to day though, we manage.  Athletics can get tricky, but all our kids play sports, which really makes some people wonder, so my first post will be about how we manage the sports schedules and we chose the sports we did.

You may also notice how the layout of the blog changed.  I finally tipped over the edge and will be doing more sponsored posts.  Those used to be dirty words around these parts, but our little FullPlate grant fund is getting really close to our $2000 goal.  We can’t wait to attach that to a waiting child with medical needs.  We can’t wait to watch that child find their forever family.  All money raised from any sponsored posts will go to that fund.  The layout may change even more in the coming days.  It’s cleaner and easier to navigate now.  Thanks for understanding.

I get a lot of emails asking why I have no comments or I moderate comments so strictly.  I’ve actually turned them off now.  While we’re using this blog as a teaching tool for people interested in adopting and people who just wonder about large families, it’s also a keepsake for our kids.  I archive it monthly.  Imagine if someone came into your home, opened your child’s baby book and scrawled hateful things in it.  Occasionally, people write comments that aren’t very nice.  I delete them, not because I don’t value their opinion, or read the comment, (well, sometimes I don’t), but I choose not to document episodes of insanity here.  People can feel free to be hateful elsewhere.  It’s their right.  Go for it.  Just don’t go for it here.  I’ll turn comments on for certain posts, but overall, I’m just going to leave well enough alone.

I will also begin watermarking my photos.  There are all kinds of concerns about content stealing, and while writing doesn’t provide any income for our family, I sure don’t want my children’s faces splashed all over some site I haven’t approved.  Please don’t take photos from this blog without contacting me first, even if they are watermarked. Again, thanks for understanding.

We’re changing it up around here, in more ways than one, and change is so exciting!!!

who feels a little techy using words like ‘navigate’ in regards to this site.  Too bad she’s not actually techy at all.  She has wonderful people who are though!
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