Day One is Done.

An Update from the Home Front (as in…our house):  

FPD is still in the air.  He’s got about three hours left before he reaches Shanghai.  He’ll tour there on Saturday and then ride the train to Hangzhou City where he will meet Mighty on Sunday mid-day(ish).  That’s the middle of the night Saturday for me.  

I plan to spend some time in the cold dark night video chatting with my new son.  

I can’t wait.  

Around here, on the home front, we did great.  The kids totally pitched in to help me out.  The bickering was minimal in a way that made me check to make sure no one was feeling ill.  When I finally asked what had sparked this sudden surge of helpfulness, their answer nearly made me cry.  

“We’re helping you to help get our brother home, mom.”  

Wow.  There are no words.  

The only hard part of the day is the sadness from this little bird.  

She spent all morning crying as she got ready for school.  As night fell and she got tired from the day’s activities, she cried again.  Since the day she was placed in our arms, she preferred her daddy. She misses him terribly.  

But, even she said she understood why he needed to go.  

Her new little brother needs a daddy too.

who loves that FPD is loved.  
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