Made it to Hangzhou.

FullPlateDad (FPD) made it to Mighty’s home city!!!  He’ll be with him in just 12 short hours.  9 am his time, which is tonight at 7pm my time, he’ll take custody of Mighty for what is known as the ‘harmonious period.’  Could that possibly sound more Chinese?!?  

FPD will get the scoop on Mighty’s likes and dislikes via some questions I typed out.  He’ll ask the nanny about his health, he’ll sign some papers, and then he’ll take one probably very freaked out preschooler back to his hotel.  I know some parents-to-be count how many more ‘sleeps’ a child will have in their orphanage, as if this transition is somehow miraculous.  This will probably be one of the most traumatic events Mighty has had to live through in his short life.  

In 12 hours we’ll rip him away from everything he’s ever known.  While we understand how important family is, he hasn’t a clue.  

We’re praying for our little boy’s heart.  

FPD and Mighty will get to know the lay of the land in Hangzhou as the rest of the week goes by, but for now, this is the view of the city from FPD’s hotel room window.  

I remember looking out the hotel room window the night before I took custody of Dolly and thinking what an amazing thing it was that after all this work, after a year of worrying, hoping and praying, we were finally so close to being together.  So close.  

As soon as we have settled tonight, I’ll post an update of what the transition was like.  I will say that if Mighty is horrifically upset, I won’t be posting pics of it.  The purpose of this blog is to be as real as possible, to give people an idea of what it’s really like to adopt.  I have to balance that with the privacy of my children.  

Mighty will have just become one of those children.  

I have to think that, as an adult, he might feel bad about one of the worst days of his life being splashed all over the internet.  Dolly cried, but only for a moment.  She was a baby.  Mighty is possibly as old as 4.  I anticipate this transition to be quite a bit different.  I will post a pic as soon as he seems ready.  In the interim, I’ll post pics of FPD.  I’ll give you his memories of the transition as well, because those are ours, and we want to remember every second of the joy that is bringing Mighty into our family.    

who has been a mom of 9 in her heart for many, many months, but who is about to make it official.  

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