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Making It Official.

FullPlateDad returned to the Provincial Office today following his “harmonious period” with Mighty (which was actually very harmonious considering what Mighty has been through) and signed the paperwork that made Mighty officially a member of the FullPlateFamily.  

Prior to taking the “Adoption Oath,” FPD was chatting with Mighty in Mandarin.  The official was so impressed that she asked FPD if he wanted to take the oath in Mandarin. 

I think this look says it all.  

He’s good, but he’s not THAT good.

So, he took the oath in English.  

And then it was official, even though we’ve known it in our hearts all along.  

On the home front we’ve had some rough waters.  The honeymoon of FPD’s departure is ending and the tough transition is beginning for those who don’t transition well.  

My back hurts from standing, bending and just ‘being mom.’  If I’m going to be real here, I’ll be honest.  It’s tough.  

I did have time to celebrate a little today, by sitting down to finish this.  

This canvas has been hanging in our room for quite awhile, just waiting for a certain date to be added.  It looks good now.  

Even. Balanced. And…complete.

who feels like the end is just the beginning.  

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