Going Back Before Moving On.

FullPlateDad was offered the chance to visit Mighty’s orphanage today.  We had discussed the possibility of this prior to FPD going to China.  We agreed that if Mighty was grieving so badly that taking him back would be a set back emotionally, FPD would politely decline.  

Not a problem.  He loves everything.  So, it seemed like a fine idea to provide Mighty with the closure that would come with a chance to say goodbye.  So, today Mighty and FPD rode the subway to the orphanage.  

Mighty entered the place like royalty.  

He handed out treats to all his friends.  

He’s made some good buddies that he’ll miss along the way.  

He had one caregiver that he used to call mama.  When she asked him why he was calling her by her given name now, he replied “because my mama is in America now.”  

Cue FullPlateMom bawling from across the ocean.  

Not Mighty though.  He walked out without shedding a tear, and straight to lunch.  The boy can eat.  He especially enjoys chicken feet.  

Watch this video at your own risk.  

who is more than a little grossed out.  

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