From Hangzhou to Guangzhou.

FullPlateDad and Mighty have been enjoying their last two days in Hangzhou with a lot of outdoor activities.  You see, all the sudden, Mighty has become the 3-4 year old he is supposed to be.  The shell shock of meeting FPD and having everything change has worn off a little and he is VERY active.  Not in a bad way, just in a toddler/preschooler way.  So, the hotel room is kind of a nightmare.  

FPD has had to unplug the phone, otherwise Mighty tries to call, well…all of China.  
They hiked six miles the other day.  All around the West Lake, into the National Tea Museum, which is actually a tea plantation as well.  

Then they went shopping for souvenirs for the FullPlateKids who currently reside in the U.S.  They went without a guide because FPD likes to get out and explore.  They had this set up going on.  
When guide-less, and looking like this, the people, they swarm.  FPD was doing his best to answer questions about Mighty.  “Yes, we are adopting him.”  “Yes, my wife is American.”  “No, she is not Chinese.”  “She is in America.”  “He is 4 years, we think.”  “No, you don’t need to thank me.”  

He just wanted some panda hats for our kids.  He ended up posing for pictures.  All over Hangzhou City, there are people with memory cards full of FPD and Mighty.  They were very kind about it, very grateful for Mighty to have the chance at a new family.  I love that about China.  

And, then, just like that Hangzhou City became a memory for FPD and Mighty as well.  Mighty’s passport is ready.  And, he seems VERY excited about it.  
Or, at least, to pose with it…on the BUS!!!!  

He’s taking his first airplane ride now.  
FPD, Mighty and the Chinese Robot.  

We’ll see how that goes.  They’re headed south, to Guangzhou, now where they’ll begin the process of making Mighty a U.S. citizen.  

who hopes that FPD put his patient pants on, because it could be a LONG flight.  
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