Mighty’s Medical

Mighty and FullPlateDad are settled into the hotel in Guangzhou after some amusing airport antics that you can view on Instagram (check out our link below).  

Apparently, when you fit in the luggage cart’s carry-on shelf, you can go for one heck of a ride.  Mighty enjoyed it.  From where her mama sits in America, it looked vomit-inducing.  That’s our FPD though.  The kids love him for his quasi vomit-inducing antics.  Mighty is no exception.    

Earlier today Mighty and FPD went and completed Mighty’s medical exam.  He has Dwarfism.  I find it funny that they tell FPD this, as if it is a new discovery.  They told me the same thing about Dolly.  Well, not that she has Dwarfism, just that she has a Congenital Heart Defect.  Yep, we knew it.  They couldn’t hear it though, because she screamed LOUDLY through the whole exam.  

Not Mighty.  He thought the medical office was great.  He waited nicely.  

 He sat well for the doctor.  

Then they wanted to draw blood, and they shut FPD out of the room.  In America, that’s practically illegal.  So FPD waited and worried.  He was all set to “yell” at the medical folks so that Mighty would, hopefully, understand that FPD didn’t send him in there to allow him to be hurt, scared and alone.  

No need.  Mighty came out of the room with his characteristic smile on his Mighty face and his bandaged arm held up proudly for FPD and their guide.  He told them he was “brave.”  In so many ways, Mighty.  In so many ways.

After that, FPD and Mighty ventured out guide-less again.  Guangzhou is very easy to navigate.  FPD kind of likes his independence and the chance to just ‘be’ with Mighty.  There is a wonderful subway that FPD will ride later because Mighty is obsessed with all forms of transportation.  For now, they were happy to stroll to the Trust Mart (aka Wal-Mart).  Mighty is a big eater.  They looked for fruit.  Mighty wants candy‚Ķor meat.   

No dice.  Fruit it is.  Grapefruit as big as FPD’s head and some other random items.  

Then other FPD style antics ensued.  Mighty is pretty sure FPD is WAY COOL.  

who is pretty sure Mighty is WAY COOL himself.  

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