God Bless the USA.

FullPlateDad and I have been Facetiming morning and night so he can tell me about the day’s adventures.  The days following the medical exam were low key.

Mighty’s TB test was negative.  WOOHOO!!!  That was really the only thing that could have thrown a wrench in the adoption works. Smooth sailing from here.

FPD and Mighty have been enjoying the sights of Guangzhou.  The visited the Shamian Island a couple of times, loading up on souvenirs for the crew, and for a few special people who helped us out here on the home front.

 Here’s Mighty, just chillin’ on the island next to an elephant that’s just his size.

This statue is pretty iconic when it comes to Chinese adoption.  I wanted so badly to stick Dolly into it and get her pic.  Alas, she couldn’t sit up, let alone stand.  So, I told FPD to look for it.  Look how Mighty fits right in!!!

FPD and Mighty spent a day at the Safari Park as well.  Mighty saw real pandas too, but this was pretty darn cool, and I can almost hear him giggling in this pic.

This one, not so much.  I had to include it, lest we leave you all thinking Mighty is NEVER unhappy.  The baby tiger made him VERY unhappy.

We’re pretty sure he thought he would be eaten.  FPD liked it though, what a neat experience!!!

Yesterday, was the big Consulate Appointment.  The day only day aside from adoption day that is really appointment.  Mighty wore his USA finery.

And obtained his visa to the U.S.  As soon as he lands in the U.S., he will become a citizen  Again, WOOHOO!!!

FPD and I talked for almost two hours this morning as he packed up their room and I did laundry.  Ah, the mundane.  Can’t wait until we’re back to doing that on the same side of the earth.


FPD and Mighty are sound asleep right now, but when they wake up, they’ll lazily eat breakfast and pack up some more, pick up Mighty’s passport, visa inserted, and make the trek to the airport for the first leg of the journey HOME.

who thinks Mighty is in for the adventure of a lifetime.

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