One Mighty Day

All photos on this blog are courtesy of a Nikon D3100 camera that has been provided for the FullPlateFamily in exchange for photo credits and user reviews of accessories.  I have always used a Nikon camera, but never properly.  Thanks to some really great upgrades and proper instruction, my pictures are so much more crisp and I can capture my baby’s faces so much better, before they are no longer babies.  

This day began with so much anticipation.  The FullPlateKids were up at the crack of dawn and dressed in their matching #9 tees.  

They chattered over breakfast about how this was about to be the longest day EVER.  
I told them I would pick them up from school, we’d eat a quick dinner and then drive over to the airport to greet FPD and Mighty.  

At 12:00pm I got a phone call from FPD saying he could get an earlier flight and he would be landing at 2:30pm!!!  

I rushed to the middle school, then to the elementary school, put 8 very excited kids in the van and headed for the airport.  

FPD’s flight turned out to be about 25 minutes late.  So, we enjoyed an overpriced airport snack.  

Waited nervously.  

And tracked the plane as it moved across the sky.  

Then, all the sudden, the arrival board’s status update changed to…

We readied our signs, and as we did, we drew quite a crowd.  

Who are you waiting for?  What is the occasion?  All these children are yours?  One more is coming?  They’ve never met him?!?  

As we answered all the questions, more and more people gathered, then some of the airport employees began to take notice, then some of the airline employees and flight crew from Delta joined our little troupe.  Pretty soon, we had amassed a rather large crowd, which isn’t entirely new to us.  

The kids waited patiently, wondering where FPD could be.  Other people kept funneling down the escalators, one after another.  I explained that he had Mighty and luggage to tote.  I could hear myself explaining it, but I could also feel my own hands shaking.  

Then, he appeared.  Well, they both did.  

Mighty was WAY nervous at first, but it took about until we pulled out of the airport parking ramp to warm up.  Giggles gave him one of her school notebooks and a pencil and he wowed her with his artistic abilities (he has none, his sister just thinks he’s super cute).  

We got home and he looked all around in the same wide eyed amazement that every older child who has entered this house has displayed.  All these things…they’re MINE?  
Well, kind of.  
He and his mei mei (little sister in Chinese) seem to get along quite well.  He shares REALLY nicely.  She doesn’t.  We’ll work on that.  Or, he’ll slap her one and it will work itself out.  Either way, they’ll get it.  

As Mighty and his mei mei played, souvenirs were handed out.  

An all American pizza dinner was served, a joint bath for the two tiny Chinese was enjoyed and we all tucked Mighty into his new junior bed in our room.  He was out like a light.  His mei mei went to sleep in our bed, about 10 feet from him, because she insisted on it.  About 20 minutes later, she sat up and promptly puked all over.  

Such is the life when you’ve got NINE children.

who lived happily ever after.  Well, AFTER she cleaned up the barf, of course.  

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