On the Anniversary of Our Miracle.

Our Dolly will turn 3-years-old tomorrow.  On her birthday last year she had her lifesaving surgery, the one we weren’t sure was going to happen.  This was a day we weren’t sure we would get to see.  

In honor of Dolly’s Birthday Eve, I’m posting today over at 28 Days of Hearts.  This is a blog dedicated to celebrating children who are adopted with Congenital Heart Defects.  The moms and dads of this blog are encouraging others to step out and take a chance on children that will bless you in a thousand ways.  My big kids also leant some insight into what it’s like to have a sister who has been categorized as “terminal.”  Their words blessed me in a thousand ways as well. 

Here’s to our miracle girl on her miracle eve!!!  

who encourages you to step out.  

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