Broken heart, Tess

A Birthday Wish from Dolly.

Dolly loved all your birthday wishes.  Thank you all so much!!!  

She has a wish this birthday too.  In fact, here she is, making her very precious wish.  

Dolly is going to tell you her wish, because that is the only way to make it come true!  She knows of a girl in China, one who has no mama yet, who is in desperate need of lifesaving heart surgery.  Dolly knows what it’s like to live for YEARS with a broken heart.  She’s going to try to make sure her little friend doesn’t have to live this way.  

This is Noelle’s story.  She lives at New Day South Foster Home, a wonderful organization that is taking amazing care of her.  We’re asking everyone to please donate to Noelle’s surgical fund through New Day.  You can do that by clicking here.  $10,000 seems like a lot to raise, but what is her life worth?  SO much more.  

We’re doing it because HER life is worth SO much more.  And she was given the chance that every child should have.  

who sees great things for Dolly in year three!!!

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