A Chat with Walt.

For everyone who read this post about Mighty and our woes in getting any kind of assistance on our recent trip, I wanted to let you know what transpired.  I was able to speak with someone at Disney about our issues while we were still there.   Then, late last week, they called to follow up.  I was quite pleased with the conversation. 

This person asked, specifically, about accommodations for people with a diagnosis of Dwarfism.  For that, I gave them the contact name of the president of the Little People of America.  I can address what accommodations my child needed, but those are related to his Dwarfism AND having spent time in an orphanage.  I do not have Dwarfism myself.  It would be so, so short sighted of me to even attempt to speak for a community of which I am not a part.  

I only know my son.

He has no idea how to accommodate for his small size in a crowd.  He isn’t safe.  He’ll learn though.  Most adults with Dwarfism have learned how to navigate a crowd safely.  Mighty will learn, probably by next year.  We likely won’t need accommodations any more.  We did this year.  We didn’t get them.  Hopefully, that will change.  They have assured me it will.  They have asked for time, since this new program rolled out in October, there has been a need for massive re-education of their Cast Members.  I can understand that.  I’ll give them time.  

Then, if they don’t get it right….

We’ll do this all over again next year.  

Because he’s worth it.  

And, he loves him some Disney World!  

who loves her a little Disney too.  

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