New Digs!

We’re from the midwest, so up here we say “Well, hey there!” (in our best Fargo-esque accent, of course).

Welcome to our new digs here at the new, and improved, Full Plate Blog.  Take a minute to get acquainted with our new home.  The homepage has some super cute kids on it if I do say so myself, but it also has two very important sections.

There is a page for ‘Adoption Advocacy’ where the Full Plate Family is going to advocate for a child near and dear to our heart who is waiting to be adopted.

There is also a page for ‘Fine 9 Designs’.  For those of you not familiar, this is where FullPlateMom gets her crafty on (when her plate isn’t TOO full).  When she has a homemade, or handcrafted, item to share, you’ll find it there.  All proceeds from the sale of these items go to the Fine 9 Fund.  All this money is donated to help offset the medical or adoption expenses of a child waiting for their family to find them.  I’ll make sure to point it out when I’ve added an item to that page.  In fact, I’ll probably point it out multiple times, in a rather incessant and annoying way.  Apologies in advance.

In honor of our new ‘home’, I’m going to be welcoming and leave the comments to posts open on a trial basis.  If I start getting creepers or skeevies posting though, I’m going to turn them off.  So, keep your nice on and send us a little note!  We’d love to ‘meet’ you!

–FullPlateMom, who is putting out the new house plants right now.

14 thoughts on “New Digs!

  1. Wahoo!!! I’m so excited for you guys! And yes, there ARE some amazingly wonderful kids (and parents) on this site. If I could give each one of them a high five or a squeeze RIGHT NOW, I would!

  2. Well, hey there! Creeping across the border to check out your new digs. Time to close the comments, the Minnesotans have found you and we are a rowdy bunch. Haha!

  3. Well hello there from Iowa! Love your blog…so excited to continue following your adventures!

  4. Yeah love that we now can find the Fine 9 designs easily and in one spot, fabulous kiddos needing loving families regardless of size and our fill of cute pics of the kids!!

  5. Love the new look! I will miss seeing you in my Blogger feed. 🙂 I hope all the comment trolls stay under their bridges and leave you alone! 😀

  6. Vinyl cover bands for the magic bands for the Fine 9 Designs… Just sayin 😉 Congrats on your new digs!

  7. Ooooh, how FANCY! I like your new design. I also like that I can finally leave comments again- I never could on the old blog. Technology hates me. I have a special little friend at NDFH. He’s adorable and I am totally in love with him. He looks FULL of mischief, which means he would fit right in around here. Not that we ever see any mischief…

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