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How Do We Do It? Road Trippin’ with Nine Kids.

We drove 17 hours over the last two days, in a 12 passenger van with nine children.  People tell us we’re insane to take these kinds of trips.  We’ve learned to love it, the same way we’ve learned to love a lot of things that come with being a large family.

The kids chat over Pokemon.

Driving to the Beach

They read to the littles.

 Driving to the Beach-3

They’re allowed to play video games.

Driving to the Beach-2

Mostly, we roll a long with a van full of happy kids.

Driving to the Beach-1

Driving to the Beach-4

Yeah, we have our moments, but they’re few and far between.  There are a couple of logistical tricks to packing successfully for these kinds of trips.  Each kid gets a bucket to go under their seat.  They pack it themselves with items to entertain.  The older kids pack whatever novel they’re reading and their Nintendo DS,  the littles pack picture books and their iPod.  We hang a DVD player between the seats, but we play games too.  Mighty likes to count buses and trucks.  Dolly likes a good sing along (“Let it GOOOO, Let it GOOOOO!).  We stop every so often and give out water and snacks, and at that point, we make everyone at least try to use the bathroom.  With that schedule, we can roll along for 3-4 hours with no stops.

FullPlateDad always drives, because he has control issues.

–FullPlateMom, who is a good driver, she swears!  Just give her a chance!!!

1 thought on “How Do We Do It? Road Trippin’ with Nine Kids.”

  1. Ahhhhh……so many memories of road trips!!! I remember they were fun and horrible all rolled into one but love remembering them now! enjoy


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