On a Chilly Day at the Beach.

Yesterday was chilly and rainy at our purple beach house.  There had been a massive squall the night before (I’m relatively sure I should only use that term if I’m out ON the ocean, but the kids find it amusing, so we go with it).  The storm kept the spring breakers inside, but it made the following morning chilly by the shore.

I went to my trusty parenting sidekick, Google, and searched out some free fun.  Incidentally, what did parents do before Google?  I found that the Naval Aviation Museum was less than an hour from where we are currently staying and has free admission.  Since Mighty and ShyGuy  are in to all things transportation, I knew the museum would be a hit for at least two.  The other kids said they were game, so off we went.

Naval Museum-3

I got some great shots of the kids as they wandered and explored.

Naval Museum

This one has to be my favorite though.  Dolly ran at Giggles and asked her to pick her up.  Giggles scooped her, and Dolly leaned into her shoulder, cuddling her, as Giggles smiled broadly.  My two bookends, who remind me all the time what a miracle adoption is.  Had it not been for the twist of fate that brought them to our family, they would never have met.

Naval Museum-5

Mighty was in heaven as he ran from plane to plane declaring each one his favorite and asking to have his picture taken in front of each one of them.

Naval Museum-2

He was pretty amazed that some of the wheels were as big as he is.

Naval Museum-6

There was a kids play area, where he quickly found a little look out spot.  He wanted me to take this picture because, for the first time ever, he was taller then his dad who stands almost 6’5″ high.

Naval Museum-1

Then there were these shenanigans.  Because where there is a Middle-Middle and a FullPlateDad, there are always shenanigans.

Naval Museum-4

 –FullPlateMom, who loves their shenanigans.

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