How Do We Do It? Fun Activities for Large Families (or Families on a Budget)

It was kind of cold and rainy again today at the beach.  And, since it’s our last day, we decided maybe a day trip was in order.  Mobile is only a little over an hour from the Gulf Shores, but excursions can add up quickly when you have nine children.  We can easily drop $300 if we’re not careful.  That’s where research comes in.  I endlessly roam the internet prior to any vacation so that I have a plan up my sleeve in case we need a rainy day activity.  As you can imagine, spending all day in the condo quickly causes fighting and drama when you’re this many bodies.

I always look for free museums first, but we did the very best of those when we went to the National Naval Aviation Museum.  This time I broke out our ASTC Passport.  I can’t say enough about this program.  I bought our $80 membership at the museum in the same large city where Dolly gets her heart cared for.  We use it when we’re making trips back and forth and have other kids in tow.  We also use it when we travel, just for instances like this.  With our local museum membership, we get reciprocal membership to museums more than 90 miles away.  It works well when we’re traveling and have the rainy day boreds.

Today we packed up and went to the Gulf Coast Exploreum.  We spent three hours seeing all the main exhibits (IMAX isn’t included with the membership).

The kids all had a tug of war…

Gulf Coast Exploreum-6


Against one man…

Gulf Coast Exploreum-5

And then had to figure out why he won so easily…

Gulf Coast Exploreum


The littles had fun building with foam Tinker Toys as big as they are.

Gulf Coast Exploreum-7


The Diva piloted her own steemer.

Gulf Coast Exploreum-1


Middle-Middle mastered a new instrument.

Gulf Coast Exploreum-4

And in the life size human body exhibit, everyone got to listen to my explanation of what exactly ails Dolly’s heart.  I was in heaven with this gigantic sized, beating, and slightly freaky, model of a human heart.

Gulf Coast Exploreum-3

FullPlateDad wanted this documented as well.  His heart is working just fine.

Gulf Coast Exploreum-8

–FullPlateMom, whose heart beats just a little faster when she sees FPD, he’s one handsome guy!

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