It’s All in a Name.

When we adopted our first four children from the U.S., all of them were young enough that they had no knowledge of what their name had been.  Some of them hadn’t even had a name.  The Diva had a wonderful nickname that her birth mom still calls her, but she left it up to me to give her a name.  I had no trouble choosing.

Then we started adopting children who remembered the name they had been given at birth.  The first one we changed, because that child desperately needed a fresh start.  Then came the GhanaDuo.  They were 8(ish) and 5(ish) at arrival into the States.  Both FPD and I had BEGGED and PLEADED with them NOT to change their Christian names from Ghana.  They stood firm.  They wanted ‘American’ names.  Really, I think they wanted new names to go with their new life.  We waited an entire year after they came home to re-adopt them in U.S. court, since name changes are done at the same time.  They stood firm.  They had chosen American names (with our assistance of course) and they wanted to keep them.  Giggles was bound and determined to rip away every piece of her past.  I forced her to keep her birth mother’s last name as a second middle name, telling her she could keep it or drop it when she got married, but for now, it would stay part of who she is.  She agreed, reluctantly.  Now I think she’s glad she has it.

When Dolly came, her name came easily.  It had special meaning to us, and it looked like her.  Mighty’s name is his Chinese name.  It converts nicely to an American name (well Gaelic in origin), so since he remembered that was his name, it felt good to keep it.  I think we’ve run out of names now though.  We were just talking about this as a family, and while we all have about fifty million boys names we all like, we can’t think of one girl’s name.

Are you having a girl?  Do you have a girl?  The kids would be so interested in hearing the how and why of your child’s name.

–FullPlateMom, who is stumped.

5 thoughts on “It’s All in a Name.

  1. Hi! I do not have a child yet, but always said I would name my daughter Isadora after Isadora Duncan. I am a dancer, went to school for dance and fell in love with Isadora’s strength and character. Although I am completely fine with my daughter never dancing professionally or even taking dance classes, I think that name sake means much more than just a career. Isadora defied what was the “norm” and “expected” of her and lived her life as she wanted. Thanks for your posts – love reading them!

  2. I don’t have girls, I have two boys. The oldest boy’s name is Samuel. The requirement was the name was not allowed to be after anyone on either side of the family. I wanted it to be unique to him and him alone. My second child, I picked out a name, Nolan, and my husband picked put a name. James. To be honest I did not like the name my husband picked out and was pulling hard for the name I picked. When our son was born we still had not settled on a name and when the doctor said, ‘it’s a boy’ my first thought was, ‘oh no we don’t have a boys name. I took one look at him and realized he really did not look like a Nolan at all, but looked just like a James should look…so James it is! And I love it now and it is perfect for him.
    If either of my boys have been a girl, their name would have been Claire. I also love the name Ruth, it reminds me of my grandmother. Funny enough it was not her name, but just one that she loved a lot.
    The most important thing to remember about a name is it is yours to have and protect. The most importent thing for a parent to remember when picking a name is, how hard is this name to say when I am angry – haha.
    Have fun, and I love reading all about you.

  3. I have 3 boys and one girl. My daughter’s name is Natalie Kate. I picked Natalie because I have always liked that name, going back to when I used to watch The Facts Of Life, through my college obsession with 10,000 Maniacs. I thought a girl/woman named Natalie would be strong and smart. Her middle name is after my grandmother and my sister. My Natalie is turning 11 this week and I think she is well on her way to being the strong and smart person I envisioned. The other names we considered after her (when I went on to have two more boys) were Caroline, Claire, and Anna.

  4. I am very fond of astronomy so I am leaning towards names like Elune, Eleanna, Luna, Summer and Stella. I like the moon, I think it brings light in the world when it’s supposed to be dark. I also like unisex names such as Jamie, Lennox and Jan. You have a huge and lovely family, I enjoyed reading about your children.

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