I Took A Second Look

I Took A Second Look–The Series.

Today I reached out to my community (you know, Facebook) to ask them to help me with something very important.  I’m reaching out to you all now too.  Most of you have heard Dolly’s story.  If you haven’t,  you can scroll down and click on her smiling little face to get the scoop.  Both Dolly and Mighty came to us from a place where they had been overlooked time and time again.  Dolly’s story is a little more somber, since had she been overlooked much longer she wouldn’t be here on earth anymore.  As her mom, that’s like a kick in the gut to even think about.  But, I do, all the time.  I think about the what ifs and the what could have beens had we said ‘no.’

I didn’t save her.  I’ve never saved anyone.  And Dolly owes me absolutely nothing for bringing her into our family.  I have gained so much more for being allowed to be her mama.  I want that for everyone.  I want them to have what I have.  I want them to get to see what I get to see every single day, the miracle that is this little girl.  I am glad that when I reviewed her file and thought…’oh heck no, what would this mean for my family?!?’ I grew some sense and took a second look.  Had I not, I would have missed her completely.  She would never have entered my life.

Mighty was returned to his orphanage not once, but twice.  The details of that aren’t mine to share, but needless to say, he was overlooked too.  I am lucky that he was, but the effects for him are long lasting.  There is hurt in his heart that will take time to heal.  When I read Mighty’s file, again, I thought ‘what would you be taking on?!?’ and I told myself  to ‘think of the kids you already have!’  As Mighty sat next to the Diva today when we visited her classroom at school and she leaned over and gently kissed her forehead, I thought of the kids I already had, and how much they would have missed had I not taken a second look.

I’m starting a campaign to get people to take a second look.  As of today, there are 1,956 children waiting on the shared list in China.  1,956 children with no family.  1,956 child being raised in an institution.  74% of them are boys.  Nearly 50% of them are over the age of 10 years old.  At 14 years old, there will be no time for a second look.  They will ‘age out’ and no longer be eligible to be adopted.  FOURTEEN y’all.  Out.  No family.  Ever.  It’s not just happening in China.  It’s happening in Bulgaria, in Ghana, in Liberia…all over the world.  I estimate that I review, scroll past or just pass by 50 children every day who are waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.

It’s time.

It’s time to encourage people to take a second look at the older children, the children with medical needs, the children who get overlooked.  I don’t want Dolly and Mighty’s story to be the only one you hear.  I want you to hear from all the people who took a second look, and who are being abundantly blessed by it.  If you are one of these people, please email me you story at fullplatemama@gmail.com.

So, with that, I introduce to you our new series.   I want this to go HUGE.   So, grab a badge (I made it myself), share us on Facebook.  Let’s blow this sucker UP!

Joe and Ally_Fotor Big

–FullPlateMom, who is feeling inspired.

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