Adoption Day (Again).

Today we drove to our local county courthouse and adopted our Tiny Chinese all over again.  I know it sounds odd, but there are benefits to re-adoption.  Yes, Dolly and Mighty came home with adoptions that were finalized in China and as full-fledged U.S. citizens, but going back to court in our county, showing the paperwork and swearing to take care of them forever affords them: 1. A U.S. adoption order that is more easily recognized by officials that may demand proof that they belong to us and vice versa 2.  A Certificate of Vital Record from our state that lists us as their parents.  This is the equivalent of a birth certificate.  3. A chance for all the kids to come and witness the adoption since they didn’t get to witness it in country.

My parents and FPD’s mom came as well.  It was quite the party.  We took pictures before we went into the courtroom.


Thanks to my dad, I even got in one of them.


There was a little lull before we went into court where I got to take pics of the kids and think for a minute.  I got to think about how far they’ve come.  How a little boy who had been hurt so many times found a brother that he might never have had if the miracle that is adoption hadn’t entered our lives.

Cam & Bo Courthouse-1


He let his brother in, and he loves him more than anything.

Then, there’s this girl.

Tessa Courthouse-1


There are no words.  She has come further then I could have even fathomed when at this time last year we were just coming off Oxygen and she still couldn’t walk.  She runs now.  She speaks in full, long (sometimes TOO long) sentences, and she charms everyone she meets.

When we entered her Courtroom Judge Amy mentioned Dolly’s heart condition, wanted to put it in the record, to say out loud that NO medical condition should ever preclude a child from having what EVERY child deserves, a family.  And at that moment, as I held in my lap our tiny wonder, I choked a little.  No medical condition should ever preclude a child from having a family.

So, right there in courtroom 8C, she declared them ours, changed their names to match and all over again…we became a family.

And then…

Tessa Fro Yo-1

there was Fro-yo.

–FullPlateMom, who had herself a giant bucket of salted caramel.

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  1. This is just beautiful! Thrilled that the judge made those statements and put them in the record. I am choking back tears!

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