IKEA–Free Food Day.

Furnishing a home with nine children is, as you can imagine, challenging.  The number of beds alone makes it difficult.  Then there’s all the stuff.  Oh, the stuff.  I hate stuff.  I want all their things to have a place, and a place for all their things.  When we built our house, which is a modest home with, originally, just three bedrooms, we made sure to pick a lot that would allow for expansion into the walk out lower level.  With that expansion came more children, with more children came more stuff.  

So, every once in awhile we have to add stuff to help manage the stuff.  I stalk the Ikea website for their ‘free food day’.  Once in awhile, the store will host a day where if you spend $100 they’ll give you your food from the cafe for free in the form of a purchase credit.  For our family, who can eat almost $100 in food, this is an amazing deal!

So, we loaded up the car, with my fabulous dad’s trailer attached.


Two hours later, we arrived here…



There is an art to managing Free Food Day at IKEA with nine children.  First, roaming the store aimlessly is out, and it gives me hives.  I see people doing it and I wonder how.  Seriously, the place is like a casino, you could lose weeks of your life in there, walk out, and wonder how the heck you lost your life savings.  So, I shop at home.



Please bear in mind, I own a child care center or two as well, so some of the items on here are theirs as well.  



I RUN while they eat.  FPD ran a 20K earlier in the day, I ran mine inside of IKEA.  In 60 minutes, I have all the items we needed and everything the child care center requested.  And, there was still time for some fun.

IKEA Brady

He tried to scare me after I told him NOT to touch things.  He was just messing around, so I told him his shoe was untied.  He didn’t believe me.  Buddy, your shoe is ALWAYS untied.  I love this kid.  He’s funny, and I adore his sense of humor.

After all that, with full bellies, it’s time to work together.  We head down to the basement of the store, to the hundreds of aisles and bins.  The older kids help push carts, and manage the littles.  Well, sometimes they don’t have to.  Sometimes, we stick the littles ON the carts.


Yes, he is wearing a shirt that says ‘Dr. Love.’  We all find it VERY amusing.  Mighty is pretty sure that ‘Hi-yiga’ (as he and Dolly pronounce it) is the best EVER.  Chicken fingers, fries, a half a piece of chocolate cake and Lingonberry Juice plus cart rides…he LOVED it!

I, however, didn’t love the final price tag when we got to the check out line.

–FullPlateMom, whose wallet is still feeling the sting.

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