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Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m breaking for the weekend to enjoy some time with the ten people I love most in the world.  I will, of course, be celebrating the eight women who gave birth to the children I now call mine.  Phone calls will be made tomorrow to those we still have contact with to let them know that they are always, always in our hearts.



At first, I was so uncomfortable sharing this holiday with any ‘other’ mother.  It was MY day.  As my children have grown and I have been able to understand how much that connection means to them, I realized how profoundly selfish it would be to try to claim them as only mine.  They aren’t.  Every single one of my children has two mothers.  That’s okay.  Tomorrow, on Birth Mother’s Day (the day that comes before Mother’s Day), we will celebrate those brave women.

I feel good about that, because as a mother, those eight women have changed me, heart and soul.

Thank you.  To the ones I know personally, I will say it to you tomorrow.  To the ones I may never meet, I’m putting it out to the universe.

As always, I’m going to encourage you to take a look at your heart and see if there is someone missing.  There are many, many children waiting in the world for someone to call ‘mom.’  Could that be you?

Andrea and Rini’s story, as part of the ‘I Took A Second Look’ Campaign was featured at today as part of their Mother’s Day Blog Faves.  I’m honored that this blog, and I, got to be part of sharing the story of how they found their way to one another.   I would love it if any or all of you reading this would share their story via social media.  Let’s hope that by next Mother’s Day, many, many more children have found a mom to call theirs.

–FullPlateMom, who is incredibly blessed.

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