Make Way for Dolly.

Today was one of our only touring days here in Bean Town. Tomorrow we’re up at the crack of dawn for a pre-anesthesia appointment, followed the next day by the appointment at which our Dolly will actually undergo anesthesia so the surgical team can check her heart from various angles and by various methods. She won’t be thrilled with that, but she sure was thrilled with all this.  We started the day with a big breakfast. A waffle as big as she is.

Boston Day 1

My parents are along for the ride, so my dad very kindly drove us to the Boston Common in his rental car. Dolly digs having a driver. She watches vintage Mickey cartoons as we roll along. We toured the Common first. We rode the carousel. SHE LOVED IT!

Boston Day 1-2

We hopped on a trolley for a tour of the city. As the trolley rolled, I leaned forward to my parents and told them I totally appreciated the authentic Bostonian accent our trolley driver. We drove by the ‘Public Gahden’ and I kept picturing Cliff from Cheers in the form of the pig from Toy Story. Seriously, every time he spoke I could almost see that pig. I LOVED IT!

Boston Day 1-5

Then, pretty soon, we happened upon the real thing…

Boston Day 1-6

We let that trolley drive us all over the city.  To the Public Library.

Boston Day 1-7

To Fenway.

Boston Day 1-8

And all the way back to Quincy Market where we ate lunch. Dolly had been asleep up until that bit. I swear the girl can sense tasty food. She woke up just in time to share my fried clams and watch all the weekend madness going on around us. There were ten tons of people and some amazing street performers.

Boston Day 1-9

We had been touring for nearly six hours and the girl was still going strong. We headed back to the Public ‘Gahden’ to see the ‘duck boats.’ They’re swan boats, but she was sure they were ducks.

Boston Day 1-10

We finished the day with some actual ducks, well, in statue form. I think this may have been her favorite part. She wanted to ride the ducks, both little and small.

Boston Day 1-11

Boston Day 1-12

She managed to pick up some good souvenirs. A pink Harvard shirt because, that’s my girl, style meets smarts. I hope the book will become a keepsake. I’m working on an inscription for the front of it. I want her to know what this trip has meant to me. No matter the outcome, right now, there is nothing but hope.

Boston Day 1-13

–FullPlateMom, who thinks the world should probably Make Way for Dolly. She’s going to rock that children’s hospital tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Make Way for Dolly.

  1. I am so glad the weather was perfect in Boston today. Wish I had been there with you instead of on my way to Ghana but hopefully next time. I so enjoyed all the photos. You will be in my prayers as Dolly meets with the doctors.

  2. I’ve seen that girl rock a hospital before and I know this will be no different! Dolly has a HUGE personality and some SERIOUS perseverance packed into that little body of hers. Boston has no idea the force that is about to be on its doorstep!

  3. Welcome to Boston. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and know that I have your whole family on my thoughts. Boston is a great place for medical care and I am so glad you got a chance to play tourist in our little city as well. The ducklings are one of my favorite parts of the city!

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